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The Holding Tank

What is the Holding Tank?


The ultimate mastermind and private community for CLOSERS.

Online trainings via a dedicated online learning portal.


Monthly LIVE Q&A with agendas.

TeachATanker - one-on-one mentorship.

MasterPods - results driven, organized live or online mastermind groups.


Vast download library.

Access to the infamous and uncensored private Facebook Group Page.


Never a contract. You'll stick around because you get something out of it, not because you might get sued.

Jennifer Rozenhart
Sean Rundle
Close For Chiro

Events for Holding Tank Members ONLY

The ReClose CrashCourse

The ReClose CrashCourse

The ReClose CrashCourse is a an intensive 2 day LIVE training on how to establish continued care for your patients. Maintanance care is essential. Let's communicate that and ReClose!

Beyond The Script

Beyond The Script

Do you ever feel like you're too robotic and non human? Learn how to deliver the system organically. High level communication strategy you can use right away. 



The ULTIMATE community gathering. Our annual social event designed to strengthen bonds, share ideas and mastermind success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the Holding Tank?
No, the Holding Tank is exclusively for MasterClass graduates only. However, if you have trained with Dr. Daniel Bai before on the Mountain, you may be eliglible. Also, if you have received specific Day 1 Day 2 training from other trainers, you too may be eligible. Please inquire before registering.
What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all our doctors for any of our offerings. We don’t play games. We are not a hit-and-run company. If you are not completey satisfied with our stuff, we don’t want your money.
Are all these seminars on this page available to anyone?

Unfortunately, these events are reserved for MasterClass graduates only. Due to the strict sequential nature of our training, the D1 D2 MasterClass is a prerequisite for any of the events offered on the Members page. Haven’t attended a MasterClass yet? Click Here.

I have a cosmetic dentist friend that I wants to join the Holding Tank. Can you help her too?
Sorry, although we get requests from other health professionals across the globe, we are exclusively for the Chiropractic profession.
What about the other people that have online sales training like you do. What's different?

We were the first one’s on the scene with this type of training. If they are indeed teaching the same stuff, we teach it BETTER than anyone. We work on the art of teaching just as much as us knowing and mastering the material we teach. You’ll never feel like you’re in a 101 college class taught by a grad student from China with a thick accent. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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