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You’re the kindest and most skillful practitioner – but nothing seems to be working.  You feel dejected and unappreciated despite your burning passion for the field. Rejection from potential customers seems to be an unchanging norm, and you feel hopeless as if you can never succeed. Silently you wonder, “is closing a sale some kind of mysterious art that will remain beyond reach?”



The CloseForChiro Day1 Day2 masterclass provides the transformation you need to take your practice to the next level. Compiled and fine-tuned by leading chiropractic experts, expect loads of fun, number-crunching, and eye-opening experiences. You’ll discover new ways to connect with your patients to increase your close rates and develop lasting relationships.

The Numbers Don’t Lie


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The Secret Behind Day1 Day2 Masterclass


Imagine generous experts handing you the secret framework for closing for chiropractic. They have been closing chiropractic effectively for years. Now, you’re about to be given the practical formula behind their success. Patients will no longer accept your services by accident.  They will be saying YES enthusiastically WITHOUT a “magnetic personality”, charisma or even good looks.  If you have those things … kudos, even better, but not required.

THE Secret

We’ve tried and tested the golden solution to winning over the most challenging and distrustful patients. We’re here to help you close those cases regardless of the questions they bombard you with or their demanded value. 


In the past, chiropractors only had training on “how to be liked” and “how to scare people into care”.  All of which are outdated and at worst, unethical. The funny thing is that other legitimate industries have practiced the ethical secret method for years – while most of the chiropractic world remained clueless…until now. 


Well, imagine no longer, the Day1 Day2 masterclass reveals the well-guarded secret that drives a thriving practice. We will disclose the most ethical sales strategies to ramp up those close rates. 

How Difficult is it to Sell Chiropractic Services?

Every type of sale presents a challenge – that includes chiropractic offerings. Many practitioners excel in their profession but lack the unique skills to close with confidence. The trick lies in viewing the business from the perspective of patients and not for personal needs. 

It is unfair to blame yourself – sales and marketing isn’t a mainstay module in a chiropractic training course. We formed our solution after years of trial-and-error, and upon intensive research on how experts from other industries seal the deal with ease. It wasn’t a smooth journey, but it was insightful. 

And we’re here to help you avoid those costly mistakes by sharing our hard-won findings. 


You bet it is. But it’s not because chiropractic is lacking. It’s because we don’t know how to present this from the perspective of our patients.

We present it in OUR PERSPECTIVE – strike one.

Then we take the rejection personally when they don’t close – strike two.

And finally, we get stuck in the rut where we think people suck and even worse we suck – strike 3, you’re out.

Isn’t it time for you to learn how to sell the greatest healthcare product in the world?

What Can You Expect from the Masterclass?

Confidence – You will have the know-how to approach all kinds of patients with the winning mindset. Gone will be the days of self-blame and worry.  

Increased Revenue – Higher close-rates means greater revenue and improvements to the reputation of your practice. A small change in strategy can lead to bountiful dividends. Previous attendees report improvements in their downline within a day of attending the course. 

What do you really want from MasterClass
What do you really want from MasterClass

We’re Seasoned Guides

Close for Chiro’s experts live and breathe the learning points in our masterclass. We don’t believe in passive learning, so prepare for interactive role-play, fun quizzes, and thought-stimulating examinations.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Let’s optimize those patient outcomes! Read testimonies from past attendees to learn how they gained valuable headway in their practices. 

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Jennifer Rozenhart
Sean Rundle

CloseForChiro Masterclass Lesson Plan



Our experts will guide you through a step-by-step process that reimagines your practice through patients’ unique perspectives. Expect mind-blowing revelations that redefine sales. Our small intakes ensure that the questions of each attendee will be prioritized and answered. 



We’ll tackle the cold hard statistics of patient feedback and industry close-rates. Our experts focus on the technical aspects of practice, spanning financials and logistics to provide you with the relevant tools and information to succeed.  


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a very specific type of practice. Will sales training work for me?

Absolutely. Our sales training courses have helped all kinds of chiropractic practices connect with people who need their services. This includes solo activator practitioners, 20 staff member multidisciplinary enterprises and everything in between. Our skills ensure you get the chance to use your skills, no matter how specialized they are. MasterClass training focuses on increasing your care acceptance rate and getting paid what you deserve without getting chiseled.

My schedule is pretty hectic, is the course at a specific time and date every week?

Most of the course is on demand so you can study when it suits you, plus there’s a range of online resources available at any time. Look out for scheduled mastermind sessions (PrePods) throughout the week covering effective sales specifics in more detail. The more you’re able to participate, the better your results will be. Think of it like a fitness regime – the more time you put in, the more you get out. Our courses are just like that – but without the sweat and tears!

Can I access the course forever?

Yes, the main bulk of the course content remains yours to access as and when you like whenever you need a refresher – which we all do from time to time! The additional resources such as live Q&A and Mastermind sessions expire after 7 weeks, so ensure you’ve taken what you can from them during this time.

Can I share this course with my Cousin Vinnie?

The course is designed for individual students and is not for distribution. If you are an organization with multiple doctors, we offer special courtesy for this so do get in touch. Like all study courses, all rights are reserved and when necessary copyright will be strictly enforced.

Do you work with chiropractic students?

Whilst we do work with select students and offer support where we can, our course is designed for doctors that have enough experience to value the initial interaction between doctor and patient. Most students are too focused on training including clinical technique and business fundamentals such as starting up a practice, so dedicated sales technique comes later for most students. We believe in learning to walk before you can run.

Do you cover marketing and how to acquire new patients?

Not directly, as our training is focused on the individual interactions between chiropractor and patient.. We do however discuss various acquisition methods in the HoldingTank.

What is the HoldingTank?

The HoldingTank is our post graduate support zone exclusively for MasterClass graduates. Think about this: over 300 doctors sharing ideas and support plus a vast library of advanced video tutorials, reviews and downloads relevant for almost any practice and business situation. HoldingTank members also get access to members-only events such as TankaPalooza. Membership is month to month with no contract or commitment.

There are other similar chiropractic sales programs out there. What makes you different?

We were the first to really focus on sales training for chiropractors. While others were too scared to address the spectre of sales, we challenged it head-on without fear of criticism or negativity. The result? Thousands of chiropractors enjoying success in both business and life. We focus primarily on great teaching, helping doctors learn and implement what they’ve learnt with real, measurable results.

I always thought sales was a bad thing. How do you sleep at night knowing you teach “sales”?

We love this question. Sales is only a bad thing when it’s done badly. Sales isn’t (or shouldn’t be) about manipulating people. It’s about bridging the gap between a solution and a problem, and helping patients see how and why you offer a great solution. We know you offer an amazing range of services and care very much about the welfare of your patients. We’ll teach you how to communicate that to your potential patients. No hard sell – just profitable conversations and close rates that typically increase from 50% to as high as 90%. Effective sales training means more time spent caring for your patients, the thing you’re most passionate about.