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The Challenge

You spend an extraordinary amount of time and money on new patient acquisition only to have your new patients say, “eh, no thanks – I’m good.”.  Like a shot to the heart.  All your years of training and setting up your practice comes down to that moment.  Your heart of gold and skilled hands don’t mean squat if they don’t start and you don’t CLOSE.

The Solution

The CloseForChiro Day1 Day2 MasterClass is simple.  We teach you how to sell the greatest healthcare product in the world – chiropractic.  An intense 2 days of role playing, number crunching and belly laughing – MasterClass is not a seminar.  It’s an experience.  At least that’s what we’ve been told.  No contracts or commitments.  One weekend and you are ready to roll on Monday.  And “Monday” is not an exageration. 

Hands On and Interactive

We Thought of EVERYTHING

No Commitments No Contracts EVER

It's NOT About How Many New Patients

It's About How Many CLOSE and say YES.

THE BEST Day1 Day2 in the Industry


Industry AVG Close Rate


Our CLOSE Rate

Doctors Trained


Chiropractic's Future Market Share

What is a Day1 Day2 MasterClass?

Imagine someone handing you the FRAMEWORK on how a consumer says YES to any product of service that is sold in todays marketplace?  We are bringing PRACTICALITY into play … finally.

No longer are the days when patients just say YES to you because you are the doctor.  Todays patients are incredibly sophisticated and they will demand VALUE and will try to poke holes in everything.

Every industry in the world studies how to sell their services and products –  except chiropractic.  We have unlocked the KEY to applying ethical sales training to chiropractic.

Is Chiropractic Hard to Sell?

You bet it is.  But it’s not because chiropractic is lacking.  It’s because we don’t know how to present this from the perspective of our patients.  We present it in OUR PERSPECTIVE – strike one.  Then we take the rejection personally when they don’t close – strike two.  And finally, we get stuck in the rut where we think people suck and even worse we suck – strike 3, you’re out.  Isn’t it time for you to learn how to sell the greatest healthcare product in the world?

What do YOU really want from MasterClass?

We’ll tell you right up front that we are not shy about talking about revenue.  There are just too many doctors in the field that have great hands and hearts of gold that are literally going belly up.  MasterClass will help your bottom line, literally overnight.  Just ask around.  Listen, you’re in business and every business NEEDS revenue.  Like it or not, you will not be able to live out your purpose of helping people if you can’t pay the bills and yourself properly.


On Day 1, we will be covering a complete NP intake.  From the new patient entering your office, your history, exam and diagnostics, we will be covering a step by step system that exudes confidence and clinical responsibility.

All questions are answered because of the intimate environment.  You won’t be in a huge ballroom with 300 other people. MasterClasses are limited to only 50 participants to ensure this.  

On Day 2 will will cover the “dreaded” Report of Findings.  If done correctly, your patients will be armed with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to say YES!  Financials and your office logistics will be covered in great detail.  We thought of everything.  

This Ain’t Our First RODEO!

Our breakouts are designed to help you learn on-site.  Have you ever left a seminar and forget everything you learned on Monday?  We ensure that you leave with as much info as possible.

The feedback about MasterClass is overwhelming.  You don’t need to trust us about that, just ask around.  Or better yet, Click Here to read some reviews.