The CloseForChiro BrainTrust

And sometimes politically incorrect.

Jennifer Rozenhart, DC

Jennifer Rozenhart, DC

Chief Executioner

Dr. Jen hails from Canada but makes her home in Northern California. Her success stems from ONE thing.

Her relentless pursuit to see results not only for herself but for those she teaches and mentors.

A consummate educator and passionate wife and mother, she brings a perspective that is unique AND relatable.

Aside from keeping Sean and Dan in ‘check’, she is responsible for executing the plethora of duties at CloseForChiro. She’s never late, gets Sh*t done and always does it with a smile.

Dr. Jen is a 1997 graduate of Life West CC. She is in active full time practice in San Jose, CA with her sister Dr. Stephanie.

Her home life is FUN with her teenage son, husband Dale, his race cars and two dogs that will not stop barking.

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Daniel Bai, DC

Daniel Bai, DC

Founder and CEO

When Dr. Dan started practicing in 2001 after graduating from Life University, he was immediately met with adversity. And thank goodness for that. His challenges helped develop and shape one of the most impactful programs for the chiropractic industry.

A proclaimed renaissance man, he is interested in almost anything. He’s had odd jobs like dealing in a poker room, played obscure sports like fencing and is always on the look out for things that are unique. He gets bored very easily and has trouble staying on task. Good thing he has partners (see Jen and Sean).

Dr. Dan thrives on the creative process. He brings this culture to his teachings at C4C. When asked what he’s GREAT at, he will always answer: he is a kick ass teacher first and foremost. He knows … that makes all the difference.

Dr. Dan has called the Chicago area home with his wife Sheila and his 2 boys. On his off time, he is very involved with his son’s junior golf career. “Golf Dad’s are Worse than Dance Mom’s”

Sean Rundle, DC

Sean Rundle, DC

Chief Innovation Officer

When you need a hug or a laugh, Dr. Sean is your man. If you need a push in the right direction in your business, he is definitely your man.

Dr. Sean, a veteran practitioner, is always looking for creative ways to explain and teach business concepts that are usually either too complex or just outright boring.

Hailing from Southern California (yet he really doesn’t say DUDE enough), he is STOKED to be a part of the C4C movement.

He is considered the lovable teddy bear. He always knows your name and people always want to be around him at parties.

Dr. Sean used to race motocross and blames some of his politically incorrect statements on too many falls without a helmet.

He is flanked by his two 2 kids and his very patient and understanding wife Melissa LOL.